We were pleased to witness the establishment of the “New Economy Task Force” at the board meeting of HKiNEDA in Hong Kong on 12 April 2018.

Dr. Lawrence Wong was appointed as the convenor to promote research, training and exchange of experiences in the new economy, thus strengthening corporate governance under a new economic environment and the provision of independent executives(INED) with relevant experience for new economy enterprises.

On the same day, HKiNEDA also had an exclusive interview with the Economic Daily. We expressed our professional opinions on the role, responsibilities, rights, and duties of the independent director; how to balance the interests of all parties while effectively monitor the operation of the company; more importantly, help the company achieve its sustainable development goals.

In the context of the new economy, together with the introduction of weighted voting rights (WVR) and possibly biotech companies with no income to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the role of INED will become more important. It will also be a cornerstone of the success on whether Hong Kong can stand out from the international exchange platform.

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