Dr. Lawrence Wong was invited by Chairman of QHIBEC – Dr Lo Waishun and represented HKINEDA to attend the Security Token Offering Conference held in Cyberport on 18 Oct 2018.

At the conference, the guest speakers gave a basic introduction and an in-depth analysis of opportunities and challenges of cryptocurrency.

For example, the US Securities and Exchange Commission divides cryptocurrencies into two categories:
1. Utility token – A token issued by a company for the financing of a project for its own services or products, similar to the pre-sale of a product or service.
2. Security token – refers to a token that is supported by real assets, such as equity, limited liability company shares, or commodities. The institution that issues the securities certificate will be bound by law. The relevant certificate needs to be registered with the CSRC and must comply with the various provisions of the securities law.

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