Dr. Lawrence Wong attended listed company SCUD(HKEX #1399) General Meeting of Shareholders as an INED in Hong Kong on 17 Jun 2019.

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Due to the trading suspension, no annual meeting of shareholders was held between 2015 and 2018. This is the first annual meeting of shareholders held after resumption of trading. To align with resumption requirement by HKEX, the board of directors must revamp. This is the first time that the new team of the board of directors meet with shareholders. All members of the board of directors are present, including:

Dr. Ho Chung Tai Raymond – non-executive director and chairman of the board of directors
Ms. Lian Xiu Qin – executive Director and chief executive officer
Mr. Feng Ming Zhu – executive director.
Mr. Hou Li – non-executive director
Mr. Heng Ja Wei Victor – independent non-executive director, Chairman of auditing committee and chairman of remuneration committee.
Mr. Lam Yau Yiu Laurence – independent non-executive director and chairman of the corporate governance committee.
Dr. Wong Chi Wing Lawrence – independent non-executive director and Chairman of the nominating committee.

Although many shareholders raised questions, they were satisfied as the board of directors responded to all questions. Finally, all 20 agenda items were passed unanimously.

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