As the Chairman of the New Economics Committee in HKiNEDA, Dr. Lawrence Wong wrote a ‘ViewPoint’ article on the February issue of Capital Magazine.

How to become a New Economy Enterprise?

“Meituan Dianping” is a hot trend that is blowing up the new economy, but what exactly is it that can stand out from the fierce competition in the market? In fact, the objective of Meituan Dianping is “solve the basic needs of food and beverage for the public” only. However, it utilises Internet technology and consumer familiar applications to track and understand customer behavior preferences and needs at real-time. Thus, it provides accurate and ultrasone personal services with the application of big data and recommendation engine technology.

With the full use of the advantages of “customer-oriented” and “platform strategy” business models, thoroughly understand the needs and effective matching, Meituan Dianping has become a role model for the new economy industry.