Dr. Lawrence Wong participated in the listing of Landsea Life HKEX #1965 on the first day (8 July 2021), and the bell ringing ceremony was held in Hong Kong and Shanghai at the same time.

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Among the seven board of directors, Dr. Lawrence Wong is one of the 3 independent non-executive directors. He also serve as the chairman of the remuneration committee and be responsible for providing independent expertise in all aspects of listed company strategy, policy, performance, accountability, internal control and corporate governance.

Many professional organizations came to congratulate. From the Hong Kong side, we have the sponsor Haitong International, Deacon Law Firm, Sidley Law Firm, Bank of China, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and senior executives of many famous securities firms and major media. Fragrant temples are crowded with shadows and crowns, which is very lively.