Dr. Lawrence joint the Synergised Greater Bay Area Forum 2021 hold by Ernst & Young in Grand Hyatt Hotel of Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

It is worth to highlight that this kind of physical meetings and online conference may become the new normal in the future.

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The aim of the forum is to promote communication and cooperation between government departments, regulatory bodies and senior executives, so as to create long-term sustainable value in the Greater Bay Area.

The main content of the forum:

Keynote Speech:

  • Big thinking under the new normal-seizing new opportunities for the development of the Greater Bay Area

  • Introduction to the Investment and Business Guide of Greater Bay Area

Applications Case:

  • Create new advantages in the digital economy of Greater Bay Area

Panel Discussions:

  • From carbon footprint to sustainable finance-creating a green future

  • The dual cycle of talents, the future core competitiveness of the Greater Bay Area