Omni Channel Strategy

Dr. Lawrence Wong conducted a 2-Day class of "Omni Channel Strategy" on 23-24 Sept for HKU ICB in Beijing.

September 23, 2017
2 days


Dr. Lawrence WONG Chi Wing
DBA, MBA, MSc (e-commerce), BSc (Statistics), FHKICPA, FHKA, HKBAA, HKITJC, HKiNEDA, Drucker Certified Trainer


Beijing, Chaoyang, Dongsanhuan street, Fortune Plaza, 28F/unit 1-3   View map



Dr. Lawrence Wong conducted a 2-Day class of “Omni Channel Strategy” on 23-24 Sept for HKU ICB in Beijing.

Glad to see 20+ professionals from various industries particularly retails. It is great that all have spent wonderful time together, study / discuss about Omni channel strategy and its practical applications, share O2O retailing experience, comment / analyse various business models and competition strategies.



Class Agenda


1. The Rapidly Changing Environment in the Internet+ Era
• New Era Coming
• Internet Thinking
• Disruptive Technologies
• Cross-Industry Competitions
2. New Definition of O20 Omni Channel
• Market Demand for O20 Omni Channel
• O20 Omni Channel Business Model Innovation
• 4 O2O Models of Chinese Physical Retailers
• Functions of O2O Omni Channel Retail Store
• Best Practice of O2O Omni Channel
• Survival Strategies of New Enterprises and Traditional Retailers
• Future Retail and Shopping Market Trends
3. New Business and Strategies in the Digital Era
• Sharing Economy
• Customer Oriented
• Fragmented Market
• Outcome Economy
• Platform Strategy
4. Planning O2O Omni Retail Channel Projects and Case Sharing
• Applications of Commercial Canvas Tools
• Challenges of O2O Omni Retail Channel
• Successful Factors of O2O Omni Retail Channel
• Case Studies


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