Opportunities and Challenges Due to Disruptive Technology

Dr. Lawrence Wong conducted a class for HKFSI on "Opportunities & Challenges Brought by Disruptive Technology".

September 7, 2019
3 hours


Dr. Lawrence WONG Chi Wing
DBA, MBA, MSc (e-commerce), BSc (Statistics), FHKICPA, FHKA, HKBAA, HKITJC, HKiNEDA, Drucker Certified Trainer


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Dr. Lawrence Wong delivered a class HKFSI about “Opportunities & Challenges Brought by Disruptive Technology”.

He was pleased to be invited by HKFSI (Hong Kong Financial Service Institute ) to teach international financing innovation course again. Happy to discuss and exchange business elites with enterprises from Shandong Province, sharing views towards opportunities and challenges brought by disruptive technologies such as big data, internet of things, mobile internet, AR/VR, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, as well as their influence on daily life.


Class Agenda


  • New Era Coming – the Rapidly Changing World

  • Disruptive Technologies in the New Economy

  • New Business Models in the New Economy

  • Opportunities and challenges


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