New Business Models in Big Data Era and Cross-Industry Competition

Dr. Lawrence Wong was invited to conduct a certified course jointly issued by City University of Macau and Peter Drucker Academy

September 21, 2016
2 Days


Dr. Lawrence WONG Chi Wing
DBA, MBA, MSc (e-commerce), BSc (Statistics), FHKICPA, FHKA, HKBAA, HKITJC, HKiNEDA, Drucker Certified Trainer


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Big Data

Dr. Lawrence Wong was invited to conduct a certified course jointly issued by City University of Macau and Peter Drucker Academy, specially targeted at 200 EMBA elites



Dr. Lawrence Wong was invited to conduct a joint certified course on Big Data utilization on the industry of elderly care, specialized to fit the current topics examined by a group of EMBA students majoring in senior-orientated industry. This course consists of  introduction to the big data era and what are its impacts, hence how should we – as investors, react to this change. Topics covered equipped students with basic knowledge like sharing economy, IoT, differences between Big Data and Business Intelligence;  and more in-depth analysis on future trends, pricing strategies and impacts to traditional economies with up-to-date successful business examples.

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Venue: City University of Macau

Course Title:  Business Mode in the Big Data Era – Cross-Industry Competency and Opportunities

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