How INEDs Prevent Misconduct of the Board

INED seminar about preventing misconduct of the board was hold on 29 Sept 2020


Dr. Lawrence WONG Chi Wing
DBA, MBA, MSc (e-commerce), BSc (Statistics), FHKICPA, FHKA, HKBAA, HKITJC, HKiNEDA, Drucker Certified Trainer


September 29, 2020 - 4:30 pm


September 29, 2020 - 7:00 pm


Advisory , Big Data

As the Deputy President of HKiNEDA, Dr. Lawrence Wong is pleased to chair this INED seminar on 29 Sept 2020 partnering with ONC Lawyers.

It has been attended by over 50 professional friends, including HKINEDA Chairman David Li and Asian INED Chairman Anthony Fan to discuss and share INED experience in listed companies of the board of directors.

Thanks again to Sherman Yan, the managing partner of ONC Law Firm, for speaking at HKINEDA, explaining in detail of five classic board problem cases.


The main recommendations for INEDs are:

  • Always communicate closely with auditors

  • Ensure effective internal control and risk system

  • Sincerely and diligently safeguard the interests of ALL shareholders

  • Avoid relying solely on other directors, and need to exercise professional judgment and question possible issues

  • Pay special attention to connected transactions and matters with conflicts of interest

  • Try to avoid one person dominating the board


Special thanks to Stephen Law – Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee of HKINEDA for his support in person and shared his many years of valuable experience on the board of directors.

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