INED Advanced Training A3: "Deep Dive of Key Concerns in Connected Transaction for INEDs"

The third module of INED Advanced Training Program was successfully held on 15 Jan 2020.


January 15, 2020 - 12:00 am


January 15, 2020 - 12:00 am

The third module of INED Advanced Training Program was successfully held on 15 Jan 2020.

As the chairman of the Training & Accreditation Committee, Dr. Lawrence Wong helped in the design of the Training Program. He explained the overall design of the training program and then introduced Julianne Doe, the partner of Dentons HK LLP, to provide professional knowledge about key concerns in connected transaction for INEDs.

“Connected Transactions” is one of the more difficult parts of the Hong Kong Listing Rules to understand and apply. This results in the listed company unwittingly breaching the Listing Rules, by not realizing the need to follow disclosure and shareholder approval requirements, or not allowing time sufficient to fulfil these corporate governance requirements.

Ms. Julianne Doe has more than 25 years of experience in structuring strategic acquisition and investment transactions, including cross-border M&A and private equity, as well as initial public offerings (IPO) and other forms of capital raising.

As Chambers Asia Pacific’s leading lawyer, she explained the reasoning and rules for connected transactions in a well-structured manner so that they are more readily understood and to help INEDs to protect themselves in this important compliance area, which covered:

  • How to Identify Connected Transactions

  • Types of Connected Transactions

  • Specific Types of Connected Transactions with Third Parties

  • Exemptions from Full Compliance with Connected Transactions Rule

  • Compliance Issues under the Hong Kong Listing Rules

  • INEDs Role as Gatekeeper

Also, as the program director, Dr. Lawrence Wong also conducted a supplementary analysis on related topics from to help learning partners understand Connected Transactions.


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