Shenzhen Mawan Smart Port Terminal

Dr Lawrence Wong visited Shenzhen Mawan Smart Port Terminal on the 25th March 2023


March 24, 2023


March 24, 2023

Dr Lawrence Wong visited Shenzhen Mawan Smart Port Terminal, a subsidiary of China Merchants Port “HKEX #0144”. Mawan Smart Port is China’s first 5G green low-carbon smart terminal upgraded from a traditional terminal, setting a benchmark for the transformation of domestic old terminals. It mainly engaged in bulk cargo, liquid chemical products, oil products and coal.
Shenzhen Mawan Port is the first 5G green and low-carbon smart port in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It relies on Beidou system, automation, investment ePort, green and low-carbon, blockchain, smart port, investment core, artificial intelligence and other port smart elements. , has become a truly automated container smart port, with an annual throughput of approximately 2.5 million TEUs.
The details of the Terminal as below:
1. Berths: The terminal has 11 berths, including 6 deep-water berths with a capacity of over 10,000 tons, with a maximum berthing capacity of 50,000 tons, a comprehensive cargo handling capacity of 11.49 million tons, and a pier coastline of 2,543 meters.
2. Warehouse yard: The production warehouse area is 7,500 square meters, and the yard area is 50,000 square meters.
3. Loading and unloading machinery: 136 units of loading and unloading machinery for production, including 11 units of lifting machinery with a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tons, 24 units of loading and unloading handling machinery, 58 units of conveying machinery, and 43 units of special machinery.

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