The following is a list of consulting and advisory services that GCE Consulting is offering:

Enterprises on Diagnostic Review

Help companies to do enterprise health check and identify areas for improvements. Quantify and prioritize improvement opportunities.  Hence, develop the business plan with implementation roadmap.

Enterprises on Operational Excellence

To advise C-level executives of enterprises on optimizing business operations for value creation through streamlining business processes, strengthening internal controls and improving  operational efficiency with emerging technologies and management methodologies.

Traditional Businesses for Digital Transformation

Advise traditional businesses how to sketch boundaries in their journey to become digital businesses and utilize digital capabilities to change their operating models, to develop new products / services and to connect to digital consumer channels / markets.

Validate transformation ambition, identify and prioritize the capabilities required for success, and design the operating model to effectively take advantages on utilizing Internet + concepts and technologies.

Start-up companies for survival and success

To advise start-up companies on strategy formation, business plan development, product/service positioning, competition strategy, value proposition, business models, strategy for collaboration with partners, fund raising and possibly up to IPO.

Enterprises on Big Data Maturity Assessment

Help companies to assess their readiness for Big Data through examining their level of status in various aspects like data culture / mindset, organizational and management support, talent capabilities, infrastructure mutuality, data readiness, data governance, data security and privacy.  Hence, to advise on Big Data implementation roadmap.