Financial Technology (FinTech) is the key driver for change in the financial services industry. Payment, Lending, Crowd Funding, Supply Chain Finance, Bitcoin, Security are some of the key areas in FinTech.   The world’s two largest financial markets, New York and London, have been investing heavily on FinTech, and have created a number of leading FinTech companies like PayPal, Lending Club, ZestFinance, Kreditech and so on.   Asian companies are catching up.  With the growth of Internet Finance,  a number of FinTech startups have gained hugh success like Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s Tenpay.  Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney are catching up in this market.  Traditional financial services are fighting back as well.  A number of innovation centers are being formed under these traditional players like HSBC, China Construction Bank, DBS, Citibank, Manulife, etc., to get innovative FinTech talents and solutions for their own companies.  In addition, more startups and incubation centers are being set up and supported by local Asian government in order to enhance their competitive in the global market.

1. Disruptive technologies bring opportunities and challenges to Financial Industry (Code: FT18)

  • Disruptive technologies
    • Big Data
    • Mobile Internet
    • AR/VR
    • Autopilot
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Opportunities and challenges bring to financial industry

2. Big Data and Its Application in Financial Industry with Success Stories (Code: FT19)

  • Credit rating
  • Social Network
  • Precision marketing
  • Accurate forecast

3. Impact of Internet Era on Commercial Society and Financial Industry (Code: FT20)

  • The coming of a new era
  • Internet thinking
  • Disruptive technology
  • Cross-border competition

4. The Impact of Big Data Finance on Credit Management (Code: FT21)

  • Global Credit System Status
  • New Ideas of Credit System under Big Data
  • Bank’s big data project case
  • Big Data application in bank credit business

5. Innovative Strategies for the Era of Internet Finance (Code: FT22)

  • The principle of innovation
  • Innovative strategy
  • Practical work to achieve innovation
  • Digital Convergence Market (Payment / Shopping / Travelling / Audio & visual)

6. Media marketing and maintaining customer under the era of internet finance (Code: FT23)

  • Transition from traditional media to social networks
  • Social network applications
  • From product-orientation to customer-oriented transformation
  • Customer-oriented applications