Every Business is a Digital Business. In this information age, enterprises are all urging for Digital Transformation through utilizing digital technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), and Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC). These technologies innovate operating models, develop new products / services, connect consumer channels / markets electronically and help transforming enterprises into digital businesses.

Many digital focused companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have gained great success through digital transformation. They are typical examples of Digital Businesses which disrupt the traditional businesses significantly and their market values are highly appreciated by investors. Regarding market capitalization, Apple and Google are the largest with US$500b+, whereas traditional business giants like China Mobile and HSBC are only less than half of their sizes.  Amazon.com as an internet based company also has grown to a size comparable to Walmart which is the largest retails enterprise in the world.

1. Revival of Peter Drucker's Theories in the Internet+ and Big Data Era (Code: DT01)

  • Peter Drucker’s five most important questions
  • Relevant business concepts in Big Data Era 
  • Review the 5 key questions under the technology context 

2. Disruptive technologies bring opportunities and challenges to Business (Code: DT02)

  • Technologies disrupting traditional industries
  • The latest technology trends and their business values

3. Cross-Industry Competition Opportunities in Internet+ : Convergent Digital Markets (Code: DT03)

  • Rapidly Changing Business World
  • Digital convergent market
  • Survival strategies and tactics in the Digital Convergent Market

4. Building Customer-Focused Corporate Culture in the Internet+ and Big Data Era (Code: DT05)

  • Rapidly changing world
  • Demand for customer focused culture
  • Examine vision, mission, values and customers
  • Optimize performance measurements and formulate action plans

5. Secret of Business Executives Transform to World-Class Consulting Professionals (Code: DT09)

  • Industry-specific skills
  • Functional skills
  • Core consulting skills

6. New Business Model and Canvas Tools Generation in the Internet+ and Big Data Era (Code: DT13)

  • Rapidly changing business environment in the Internet+ and Big Data Era
  • New business models and strategies in the Big Data Era
  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Practical cases of using business model canvas in business 

7. Digital Transformation in the Age of Big Data (Code: DT14)

  • Definition and core concept of digital transformation
  • The analytical model for digital transformation
  • Digital capability
  • Digital leadership