Big data is a hot topic these days among not only technologists but also business leaders in the West and the East. Almost all industries, from financial services, retail, hospitality to healthcare, CPG, transport, just name a few, are being or will be soon disrupted by big data.  Internet-savvy companies like Google and Alibaba, big data start-ups like Zest Finance and Kabbage, traditional companies like GE and Haier, financial services institutions like Citibank and Ping An, are all making use of big data to create their business models to disrupt the rules of our games, win the heart of our customers, innovate new products and services, and make faster and better decisions at the right time.  Mckinsey also stated that big data is the core part of the 12 disruptive technologies that will continue affecting the world in the next 10-15 years.

1. Big Data and Its Business Value Creation with Success Stories (Code: BD04)

  • Basic concept of Big Data
  • Success stories of Big Data

2. Big Data Maturity Model and Data Management (Code: BD15)

  • Data Management and Application Framework
  • Maturity Model for Big Data
  • Big Data Project Sharing

3. Sharing Economy and Customer-oriented Strategy in Big Data Era (Code: BD16)

  • Sharing Economy: Effective use of idle resources
  • Customer-orientated:From product-oriented to customer-centric

4. Fragmented market, Outcome Economy and Platform Strategy in Big Data Era (Code: BD17)

  • Fragmented Market: Customer’s individual needs
  • Outcome Economy: From sales-oriented to outcomes-oriented
  • Platform Strategy: Light assets and multi-participations

5. When Big Data Meets HR: Workforce Analytics (Code: BD07)

  • New business models and concepts derived from the Big Data Era
  • Application of Big Data Era in human resources
  • Workforce analytics with practical application

6. Applying Big Data Analytics to Human Resources (Code: BD08)

  • The core concept of Big Data
  • Recruitment analytics
  • Employee engagement